A Blogroll

In page format because I liek pages.

And I get more control that way. Yey!

Basically pretty much all the blogs I read on a semi-regular basis. In semi-chronological order of first post [by memory]

Br.Ch: betaveros.wordpress.com

Da.Li: darksircam.wordpress.com

Iv.Ko: chaosinthesky.wordpress.com

Jo.Lu: drakleon.wordpress.com

An.Ze: taperion.wordpress.com

RH.Wu: zyxyvy.wordpress.com | wywing.wordpress.com

Ev.Ch: usamo.wordpress.com

He.Ma: problemsforbreakfast.wordpress.com

Aa.Li: problemsfordinner.wordpress.com

Ch.To: tongcharlie.wordpress.com

Ju.St: problemsforlunch.wordpress.com

Je.Wu: randomguy64.wordpress.com | nmnnmnnmmnnnmnrnmnmnnmn.wordpress.com

Le.Ch: phenomist.wordpress.com

Fl.Fa: fallenlily.wordpress.com

Je.Ch: idealisticperceptions.wordpress.com

Da.Do: dnldotdo.wordpress.com (I think there used to be another blog but it was deleted)

Aa.Ra: betweenfearandair.wordpress.com (actually, there’s a more recent one that is [last name][first name].wordpress.com)

Pa.Ze: medleyofforbiddenstories.wordpress.com

Whee spambot linkfarm.

Wait what?

  1. Wait you read your own blog regularly? I read my own blog less than I read any other blog that I subscribe to.

  2. Darn. Too many private blogs.

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