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This is a miniature puzzlehunt for now. Hopefully this works or I’ll be sad.

Please don’t bruteforce! These puzzles should hopefully be logical, although they could be quite hard.

Oh yea, try not to overtly spoil stuff. I suppose I can’t stop you from collaborating, but spoiler sites (to be fair, this is so small it doesn’t even warrant it) are discouraged.

There exists a meta which uses the rest of the puzzles. Since I’m not insane enough to create a bajillion puzzles (for now) there is only one meta.

Some notes:

  • Each puzzle has an answer that needs to be obtained. It may not be immediately obvious as to how this can be done, but by finding patterns and trying things out you should come to a clear answer. Sometimes the flavortext (in italics) may be helpful in suggesting a solution.
  • The metapuzzle uses all of the other puzzles, as well as the additional information given on the page to form an answer.
  • You can also check your answer, by appending “answer/” at the end of the puzzle page. These pages are password-protected with their respective answers.
  • Due to the restrictions with what I can do with WordPress’s page system, all answers are lowercase, and do not contain spaces.
  • Furthermore, if an answer contains more than 20 letters, take the first 20 letters. [e.g. “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” -> “abcdefghijklmnopqrst”] This is also due to a WordPress limitation.
  • Time of posting is completely irrelevant (in both solving and meta). I wrote some puzzles earlier than others. That’s all.

Good luck and have fun!


All times are in UTC-8.

  1. Jack Lance (2015/11/22 2:35 PM)
  2. Colin Sanders and Ben Urwin (2015/12/19 3:07 PM)
  3. Brian Chen (2016/04/23 10:45 PM)

Special Thanks:

CanNibble for testsolving, suggestions

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