Puzzles Made

This is a list of every puzzle that I have produced in my lifetime, in reverse chronological order. Probably.

Hunt Puzzles

These are perhaps easier to categorize than the logic puzzles that I’ve made.

For Galactic Puzzle Hunt

Solo credits, although the editing process was valuable:

  1. Observatory (2019) – Editor, Pa.Xi. and Co.Lu. Oops I wrote the hardest puzzle in the hunt. SUMS-inspired aha puzzle. I have no regrets.
  2. Research Center (2019) – Editor, Na.Pi. Relatively standard wordplay puzzle, although weirdly hard clues that could possibly be toned down a bit.
  3. Pride and Accomplishment (2018) – Editor, Jo.Sc. Quite difficult later round puzzle.
  4. Interstate Commerce (2018) – Editor, Ra.Sr. Intro round puzzle, although perhaps one of the harder ones?
  5. Conference 1 Meta (2017) – Weird meta extraction concept.
  6. The Superbowl (2017) – Easy-medium puzzle.

Partial credits (bolded are the ones I feel I made significant contributions to):

  1. Ministry of Word Searches (2019) – With An.Wa. and Jo.Sc. – I’ll claim most of the main ideas for this puzzle (although it was ultimately inspired by group discussions earlier) – An.Wa. and I worked on building the puzzle, Jo.Sc. helped pare down the puzzle to a manageable size and helped on the front-end.
  2. 50/50 (2019) – An.Wa. and Pa.Xi. came up with the main idea here. I just wrote a few clues.
  3. Ten Years Later (2019) – With a lot of people; I wrote one subpuzzle that didn’t really matter.
  4. The Answer to this Puzzle is… (2018) – With a lot of people. I came up with the extraction process and the structural content of the puzzle, but it was a group effort to hammer out this puzzle. I think it was pretty well-received.
  5. Earth-Shattering (2018) – An.Wa., Jo.Sc., and Ma.Mu. had the main idea for this puzzle; I just helped write some cryptic clues.
  6. Cryptic Command (2018) – Se.Mu. had the main idea for this puzzle although I helped bounce back ideas with him. Then it was a group effort again to write all the cryptic clues.
  7. Scramble for the Stars (2017) – With Jo.Sc. I had the idea but the actual final construction is the work of Jo.Sc’s program. This made the words a lot better.

For PictureGame

I wrote a lot of puzzle rounds (which are one-offs), but of note [todo: add more rounds]:

  1. /r/50kpg (2018) – With three other PictureGamers. We each wrote a separate round each complete with our own metas. And then somehow mashed them up into a final metameta (admittedly not elegant by any standards, but hey). I was responsible for the Hufflepuff round, and it contained 8 puzzles (6.875 of them mine, I outsourced 1.125 of them)
  2. /r/pg200 (2016) – This was an earlier 8 puzzle round with a meta. Contains some strange ideas

For Puzzlers Club

  1. 2018 Secret Solver (for Fe.Fo.) – A 27-puzzle hunt based on the 2013 Rubik’s Round
  2. Two meta jam metas, one with an actually interesting extraction mechanic.
  3. 2017 Secret Solver (for An.Wa.) – A multilayer word worm search that extracts to an answer

For Puzzling.SE

  1. Circuit Diagram – A strange weird mess of conditions
  2. What is a Counting Phrase? :tm: – Just a random idea that I came up with
  3. Some Enigmatic Number Sequences – Subversion on the boring ho-hum number sequence puzzle!


  1. Lists of Lists (2016) – 10puzzles+1meta You can play this now!
  2. Rankk 4/51 (2015) – This is a good cryptography challenge.  (“I would rate this as the top 10 challenges of this site” – ZetaX) I suggest that you try it >:D
  3. For the 2015 Bay Area Puzzle Hunt, I wrote like an entire round of 6-ish puzzles plus meta.
    1. Potential Settings – The best puzzle of the bunch. The others are standard and kind of boring.
  4. epic.hunt (2014?) – 20puzzles+1meta (On AoPS, it’s pretty low quality by today’s standards)
  5. I wrote a puzzle for the Stanford Puzzle Hunt of 2013 (2014?). It got heavily edited but yeah. I think it’s decent but the site went down.
  6. find the word (2013?) – AoPS. A bunch of disconnected puzzles about finding answers in pictures

Logic Puzzles

  1. I post a few of these to a Twitter handle at @pheno_puzzles. These constitute as perhaps the best half of the puzzles (that are not allocated to other projects) that I’ve written and posted to the Puzzlers Club Discord.
    1. The Roma is actually originally from another Discord.
  2. I wrote X>=0 puzzles for 24HPC 2019
  3. 24HPC 2018 Round 3 – 12 puzzles. You can see them at this blog post.
  4. Three more puzzles from my blog. But ok, you don’t really need links to those right?
  5. USE(J)PO 2011 – With An.Wa. and Bo.Sh. I wrote a couple small (read 5×5) mostly trivial logic puzzles. For the 2011 MOP. Those were fun times.

In Development Hell

An endless string of possibly abandoned projects :/

  1. Phenomon! – A riddle trail consisting of at least 151 levels, maybe more to include later generations of Pokemon.
  2. Puzzlers Club Puzzle Collection – Possibly to be released? I have a bunch of logic puzzles saved up here.
  3. PictureGame 300, no 400, no 500 win milestone round
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