Username Etymologies

Updated for more usernames. First posted November 30, 2014 as part of a time crunch, so I might’ve forgotten some names back then.

  1. phenomist – Phenom + -ist. (Phenom either comes from the AMD processor brand, or a shortening of phenomenon. Or simply phenom)
  2. ph3nomist – When #1 is taken
  3. ph3nomi5t – When I need something
  4. prototypist – Prototype + ist.
  5. glyc3201 – glycerol, with the latter half 1337-ified
  6. glycera – ol merged into a.
  7. glissera – alternate pronounciation of glycera.
  8. iGlycera – Why add i? Figure out this one yourself.
  9. glaciery – Glacier, also anagram of #8
  10. rpsev – a failed reverse spelling of VSEPR, but I guess rpsev sounds better than rpesv. (The reverse of rpsev sounds like “vesper”) Vesper, apparently, refers to the evening star (esp. Hesper and Venus), as well as a bell rung in the evening, among other evening things.
  11. alternacyx2 – alternate + -cy + x2
  12. xylitian – xylyl + -itian (also partially to sound a bit like Neapolitan)
  13. zenonia – Random fantasy name that my subconscious decided to make it the same as an RPG that I had not played yet (I had seen other people play it, as well as it being an app on the phones on several people.)
  14. james4l – Ja.Ch. for Le.Ch. (Indeed, this is how that worked out)
  15. reciprocity of zero – obviously infinity
  16. quintuple_nines – I was too impatient to get ID #100000, so I settled on #99999 instead. (Or perhaps I had to do something else instead.)
  17. number_sniper – Snipe some numbers / GET’s
  18. infinity_travels – taking on a travel theme with my empire, creating city names from all over
  19. itanium300 – Itanium (Intel processor), 300 (Spartans) – This may make phenomist more clear
  20. SPACEMEISTER – this was a space game.
  21. Pheno Mist – See #1; Facebook registered #22 as a fake name, so here’s another fake name.
  22. Epic Win – Self-explanatory. I was trying to register Epic Fail, but Fail was banned. I knew that Win wasn’t banned (it’s a legitimate name) so Epic Win it was.
  23. Citation Needed – Wikipedia
  24. arctica2 – Arctic + -a + 2 fro alternacyx2
  25. ataraxis – the state of ataraxy, or tranquility / peace / calmness
  26. crefin.baras – Indeed, this was a random name.
  27. astigmatify – astigmatism + -ify
  28. hello584 – Ok, I was really uncreative back then!
  29. AAAAAAAA – I probably was trying to get to the game really quickly.
  30. arythera – I believe this comes from Arith(metic).
  31. qwerqwerqwer – Fake name used to register for something. Obvious etymology… leading to…
  32. qwerx3 – Fun double meaning: qwerx sounds a little like “quirks”. Anyway yeah this is just qwer multiplied by 3.
  33. Q – Single character representation of the above.
  34. 12345[realname] – Probably self-explanatory?
  35. 12345[realname]_2 – because the first was taken, also by me, and I didn’t have an alternate username
  36. 1q3e – Keyboard.
  37. r-t-p-m – I don’t know
  38. averyhardacct – Anonymous account for averyhardpuzzle
  39. PM_ME_P_VS_NP_PROOF – Unused Novelty account
  40. Beat4401 – 4401 refers to the size of the previously largest Robin (Reddit AFD 2016). 4401 was beaten.
  41. [realname]163 – Official-ish username for official-ish stuff
  42. xephiris – something about Zephyr
  43. aspien – Aspen / Sapien anagram
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