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Puzzle 1 – Heyawake

At first you’re like: hey look, a new post!!!

But then your reaction is either one of the following:

A) Darn, it’s a puzzle. I wanted a wall of text!

B) I like puzzles. Darn, this puzzle sucks/is too easy/whatever.

C) I like this puzzle. Darn, he’s not going to make them regularly.

Oh well, I can’t please anyone. (And yes, I can’t really crank out puzzles regularly.)

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1

This is a Heyawake. Color small squares black or white such that:

  • Rule 1: Painted cells may never be orthogonally connected (they may not share a side, although they can touch diagonally).
  • Rule 2: All white cells must be interconnected (form a single polynomino).
  • Rule 3: A number indicates exactly how many painted cells there must be in that particular room.
  • Rule 4: A room which has no number may contain any number of painted cells, or none.
  • Rule 5: Where a straight (orthogonal) line of connected white cells is formed, it must not contain cells from more than two rooms—in other words, any such line of white cells which connects three or more rooms is forbidden.

(Source: Wikipedia, accessed 03-28-15)

Difficulty: Easy-Medium? Sounds like a good difficulty to start off with.

I will note that I did not have to specify every single number. (Random extra: figure out which boxes could remain unspecified!) But I did it anyway, because I’m nice, and it would look weird without those numbers.


EDIT: Speak of the devil, of course there was going to be something wrong with the puzzle. Fixed one part which makes the puzzle not have a contradiction, specifically the 1 in the room left of the center room is now a 3.