Things that Anagram to phenomist

phenomist (n): 3.5 D&D class – a man with a wide open view of the world around them and the powers at work. Time, dreams, and fates are not just ideals to a Phenomist, but a power they are inspired by to control to even a greater extent.

[This is not the etymology of phenomist. That comes from the AMD Phenom + -ist; also, a descendant of the Starcraft username “prototypist” (Protoss, prototype, -ist).]

phonemist (courtesy of cassu) – my Phone! tag

[PM’s, a “currency” in TTT]

he into PMs (courtesy of Darantius, plus perhaps some of the others here.)

the PMO sin

he isn’t PMO

Oh, I sent PM

This one PM


While no real 9 letter words are anagrams of “phenomist” here are some 8 letter subanagrams.

nepotism (-H)

phoniest (-M)

pimentos (-N)

shipment (-O)

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