This is a personal page. I will not make any explicit declarations as to who I am here, but this is not too hard to find out.


phenomist – this is preferably rendered in all lowercase, regardless of whether it is the start of the sentence or not. Capitalized “phenomist” is only used if there is a technical restriction (e.g. MediaWiki wiki usernames). Abbreviating to phen, pheno, or phenom is fine.

The origin of this username is the AMD Phenom processor + -ist (taken from previous usernames). Similarities to words other than phenom/phenomenon are purely coincidental (e.g. feminist, phenyl/phenol).

Useful Links

A list of puzzles that I have made.


I own the following accounts. Note that this is not an invitation to connect to me, merely a declaration of ownership. This is also non-exhaustive (some services involve my real name, some services I own multiple accounts, etc.):

Discord (phenomist#9539)

GitHub (phenomist)

Reddit (/u/phenomist)

Twitch (phenomist)

Twitter (@phenomist_)

WordPress (phenomist)

Steam (u: qwerx3)

FFXIV (Pheno Mist, inactive)

League of Legends (phenomist)

Minecraft (phenomist)

I do not own the following accounts. Any messages from the following identities are not from me:

None of my email addresses contain “phenomist” as a substring.

Twitter (@phenomist)

Steam (u: phenomist) – my Steam account has a display name of phenomist, but not username.

I do not use the following services:

Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify, Pinterest

Facebook (since early 2019 – I have an account but do not check it)


If you want to contact me, please either email me (if you know my email) or use Discord.

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