Puzzle 2 – Suraromu

Following the tradition of being too lazy to recodify rules, https://mellowmelon.wordpress.com/slalom/ are the rules, don’t worry that Slalom != Suraromu, they are the same puzzle type.

Basically: Dotted lines are gates. You must go through each gate perpendicular to them. Numbered gates must be traversed in that order, i.e. the gate marked 3 is to be traversed third, starting and ending at the circled number. (the direction is up to your interpretation) The number in the circle indicates the total number of gates for convenience.


This is more of a proof of concept than a legitimately hard puzzle. This construction however proves that Suraromu is NP-complete though. Also very belated Pi Day imagery? Difficulty: Pretty easy.

(Spoiler: The heart of the puzzle is isomorphic to finding a Hamiltonian cycle in the trianglar prism graph, provided that you have to go through two particular edges.)

EDIT: Darn, I totally failed to capitalize on making the two gates 3-3 and 14-14. (antisymmetric pattern). Edited it slightly but it doesn’t affect anything besides aesthetics. If you’re an unlucky subscriber, you can count this one solved if you solved it through email.

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