of the post variety.


It’s a subtle one, but it exists. Mostly occured from a rather “coincidental” observation from somebody when this blog was 3 posts long. So I decided to “retcon” (probably misusing the word here) my posting schedule to fit this one. Some of you already know about this, but to those of you who don’t, I’ll just say that a) it leads to somewhat long posting breaks and b) I can’t just publish whenever I feel like it.


Also, while I do queue up posts, my queue of completed posts is stunningly small (read: queue size = 0). I do have half-complete posts though. As of last count, four.


This post will be fairly short, because I need to finish typing this post in around 3 minutes. Now 2 minutes. Also, I guess the previous post was unjustifiably long, and way too personal and nobody should care about that stuff. Although I suppose this post is as well. (although not “unjustifiably long”. Unjustifiably short?)

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