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<blah blah blah greeting text here>

So. I’ve decided to try to attempt at posting decently long chunks of written information for viewer pleasure. Notably, I’ve opened up blogs before, none of which have posts that a reasonable observer would deem “long” (unless it’s statistics-filled, and that’s not very interesting in itself). Oh well. That also means that the first few long posts I write will be rambling pieces of what barely even constitutes as intelligible text. So be warned. (Note that this does not preclude future posts after the first few from being equally terrible.)

That was not a very promising start. Darn.

In the blog stats, I noticed that one person viewed my blog before I even advertised it! Great job to the dedicated blog-reader who guessed the blog name (well, given that I use the “phenomist” handle approximately 50% of the time, perhaps it isn’t so much of an achievement after all). Then I realized that I viewed the blog as well. So I guess nobody read it. And that’s good, because you would have seen an empty blog, save for that introduction text italicized at the very top. With a very boring theme.

The theme is called “Twenty Eleven”. Or, it was called “Twenty Eleven” before I changed it. First of all, it’s already been over two months since 2011 ended. Get a new name already, and stop throwing default blogs back two months in the past. Next, seeing as it’s a default blog theme, I may as well change it in order to not be part of the majority (but what if everyone changes themes, doesn’t that make “Twenty Eleven” rare and unique? :O). [Insert Rath discourse on so-called individualism here] But at any rate, I changed the theme and everyone is happy.

At first, I was planning to actually consider writing deep, or at least not superficial text. That doesn’t seem to be happening. But hey, it’s my first blog post which isn’t really a blog post, where I feel obligated to explain the formation of this blog, and thus you should cut me some slack. So anyways, if you want to see better blog posts, view more recent blog posts.

So basically, I created this blog because I feel very sad when I have a random idea and I forget it the very next day. Hopefully recording these thoughts onto a more permanent medium will help make me forget less. And perhaps it’ll make you readers happy as well along the way. That’s a win-win situation that I’m sure we all like.

I have a feeling short paragraphs will be a problem as well. Oh well.


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